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Introduction: Laser Confocal
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Laser Confocal
       Confocal microscopy uses laser scanning confocal microscopy to obtain fluorescence information on a thin layer in the cell, combined with computer automatic control and information collection functions, the distribution, intensity and dynamic changes of fluorescence signals Perform comprehensive analysis and integration to obtain rich cell information.

   1. Eliminate the interference of fluorescence signals outside the focus plane, so the imaging is clear
   2. Continuous layer-by-layer scanning can be performed on different levels of the sample, and then these graphics are recombined into a three-dimensional image by a computer.
   3. It can measure the length and volume of a selected structure of the cell, which has obvious advantages in analyzing the spatial structure of cells and the precise intracellular positioning of certain substances.
   4. Multiple indicators can be detected at the same time. At present, the scope of application of this technology has been extended to cytology, microbiology, developmental biology, genetics